Tag: 2. November 2020

This mega multi-billionaire investment fund wants to bring Bitcoin to the masses… and is targeting Asia!

Cryptos for everyone! – Fidelity Investments, and its subsidiary Fidelity Digital Asset, are once again making a name for themselves in the cryptosphere. In order to further democratize cryptocurrencies, and after Europe almost a year ago , it is now in the Asian continent that the multinational with $ 7.3 trillion in assets is interested. […]

Ripple CTO provides reasons for lack of use

The community expected the XRP to be used soon, but the reality is different. Ripple’s CTO, David Schwartz, recently discussed with people in the community on Twitter why banks are n’t already making extensive use of payment-focused XRP as a bridge Speaking to a member of the Ripple community last week, Schwartz said Ripple had […]