BTC Tests $31K as Bitcoin Cash Soars 30%: Market Watch

• Bitcoin tested $31K but failed to sustain above it.
• BCH is up a whopping 30%.
• Bitcoin’s dominance is also up.

BTC Tests $31K

Bitcoin’s price attempted to reach the $31K mark, sparking a wave of liquidations totaling upwards of $100 million. Despite the bulls‘ efforts, they were unable to maintain the price above this level and it currently trades at around $31,600.

Bitcoin Cash Soars 30%

The past 24 hours saw some altcoins perform incredibly well, charting gains close to 30%, with BCH leading the pack with an impressive 30% surge in its value.

Bitcoin Dominance Rises

The rise in Bitcoin’s price has also seen its dominance over the cryptocurrency market increase, signifying that BTC has been performing better than other altcoins in recent times.

Liquidations Totaling Upwards Of $100 Million

The surge of Bitcoin’s price was met by an equally intense response from sellers who caused a wave of liquidations totaling upwards of $100 million.

Altcoins Also Performing Well

While BTC has been dominating the market recently, some altcoins have also been doing well, charting gains close to 30%.