Metacade Token Sale Hits $9.3m: 2 Stages Left Before Listing on Exchanges

• Metacade Token Sale has advanced to Stage 6, with 5 stages already sold out and $9.3m raised.
• The current stage 6 has a token price of $0.017, with the closing round increasing to $0.020.
• Once the presale closes, the MCADE token will be listed on multiple public exchanges such as Bitmart and Uniswap.

Metacade Token Sale Advances

The Metacade Token Sale has advanced to Stage 6, with an impressive $9.3 million raised over five stages already sold out. The current stage 6 sees a token price of $0.017, ahead of its ultimate increase to $0.020 in the final round of the presale before it closes and is released on multiple crypto exchanges such as Bitmart and Uniswap.

Demand for Tokens Leads to Quickly Reaching Cap

During the recent Metacade presale there was significant demand for tokens leading to Stage 5 quickly reaching its token sale cap at a price of $0.0155. This demonstrates how popular the project is proving amongst investors and GameFi enthusiasts who are looking forward to being part of what’s next for Metacade’s journey going forward.

Development Community Shares Ideas

The development community surrounding Metacade have been very active in sharing ideas including app interfaces and UX concepts across social channels – an activity which could potentially lead to members being hired within the project itself once it progresses beyond this point in its lifecycle following completion of the presale process..

CEO Comments

Russell Bennett, CEO at Metacade commented on this success: „It feels like only yesterday that we opened the MCADE presale and it’s already coming to a close. We’re thrilled to have so many investors and GameFi enthusiasts on board for the next stage of Metacade’s journey.“ He continued „Everything is on track and we will be keeping the community updated every step of the way.“


In conclusion, Metacade’s Token Sale has seen an impressive response from investors with five rounds selling out completely whilst raising almost double figures in USD – an incredible result which bodes well for their future plans as they progress onto listing on public exchanges shortly after closing their successful pre-sale stages..