This mega multi-billionaire investment fund wants to bring Bitcoin to the masses… and is targeting Asia!

Cryptos for everyone! – Fidelity Investments, and its subsidiary Fidelity Digital Asset, are once again making a name for themselves in the cryptosphere. In order to further democratize cryptocurrencies, and after Europe almost a year ago , it is now in the Asian continent that the multinational with $ 7.3 trillion in assets is interested.

A partnership with Singapore to conquer Southeast Asia

According to an article published on the economic media Bloomberg, Fidelity Digital Asset Services has just signed a new partnership with the Singaporean fund Stack Funds .

This agreement will allow Stack Funds to provide its wealthy Asian clients with the secure custody of cryptocurrency from the Fidelity subsidiary.

“There is a critical need for investment Bitcoin Loophole platform that have a deep understanding of what local and regional investors are looking for (…) this has long been lacking in the digital asset space” – Christopher Tyrer, Head of Fidelity Digital Assets

Intended for very wealthy investors, Fidelity’s crypto-asset custody offer meets all the requirements for institutional clients and other family offices

For its part, Stack Funds will take care of monthly audits and insurance for potential crypto-investors.

After its major purchase of shares in a Bitcoin mining company last July, Fidelity continues to become increasingly involved in the cryptosphere. The particular needs of the wealthy and institutional are gradually being met, which should logically remove their last reluctance to invest in Bitcoin and cryptos.